Sensor Controller Plus

Product Code: 2214

A water timer is a central part of the garden watering system. Providing the ideal solution for controlling your daily watering requirements without the need to be there to turn the tap on and off.

Perfect for gardeners that are busy, forgetful or off on their holidays.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Features an innovative daylight sensor for automatically adjusting watering schedule to water at sunrise, sunset or both
  • Adjustable watering schedules ranging from every day to once a week
  • Water now feature so you can dispense water outside of the automatic schedule for 10, 30 or 60 minutes
  • 2214
  • 2214

The majority of gardeners prefer to water at sunrise or sunset, this is the best time to minimise water evaporation and leaf scorch, but it’s not always convenient to do it yourself at these times of the day.

SensorControllerPlus-water-nowDay Light Sensor  The Hozelock Sensor Plus features an innovative daylight sensor to take care of this.

Automatically adjust your watering schedule to start at sunrise and sunset. No programming required, the daylight sensor automatically changes to coincide with sunrise and sunset as the seasons change.

It adjusts daily watering schedule to start at sunrise and sunset


Watering Schedule You can select from watering duration of 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes and is easy to adjust in case you need to react to changing weather conditions, without ever having to refer back to the instruction book.


The watering schedule can be set to operate every day (Day 1) for hot and dry conditions and has adjustable settings to reduce watering down to every 2 days (Day 2), every 3 days (Day 3), every 5 days (Day 5) or once a week (Day 7) for plants that require less water.


water-nowWater Now Provides the option to dispense water outside of the automatic schedule. Press the button to select watering for a 10, 30 or 60 minute duration. Simply press again to cancel the operation for shorter periods.

Battery Status Hold down the Water Now button to check the status of the batteries. The 3 LED lights will illuminate to indicate the strength of the remaining battery life.

Failure Prevention Mode  A built in safety feature detects when the battery levels have dropped to a level that could fail whilst a watering schedule is in progress. The LED indicator lights will flash red when the batteries need to be replaced.



Easy to Install The Sensor Plus Controller is simple and easy to install with your watering system. Screw straight onto a standard garden tap provided with a choice of 21mm (1/2” BSP), 26.5mm (¾” BSP) or 33.3mm (1” BSP) adaptors and insert 2 x AA Batteries (not supplied). Battery operated so no electric wiring needed.

No complex programming skills required, simply turn the dial to select your watering pattern.

Versatile Usage The Sensor Plus Controller is a versatile unit that can be used with Garden Sprinklers (up to 10 Bar), low pressure micro irrigation watering (1.5 Bar) or Water Butts (0.1 Bar) due to the unique ball component.


  • Controller Type


  • Controller Battery

    2 x AA

  • Water Now

    10 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins

  • Controller Connection Size

    1″ BSP, 1/2″ BSP, 3/4″ BSP

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