Ultra Metal Garden Pump

Product Code: 7819

This high pressure garden pump (3.5 bar) allows the use of stored water to water your garden.

Key Benefits Include:

  • 3.5 bar high pressure pump with 3,000lph maximum flow
  • Can be used to provide water to two Hozelock watering products at the same time
  • Can also be used to transport water around the garden
  • Included filters ensure sand and grit do not enter the pump
  • 7819
  • 7819

The Hozelock Ultra Metal Garden Pump can use stored water to water your plants. This high pressure pump (3.5 bar) has a maximum flow of 3,000 litres per hour. It allows the use of stored rain water or grey water with up to two Hozelock watering products at the same time.

It can be used to power drip watering systems, guns and sprinklers. This pump provides a higher pressure than the average UK tap pressure, although actual performance does depend on the length and diameter of the watering hose that you use. We recommend a maximum length of 40m.


How to assemble Ultra Metal Pump from Hozelock

This pump allows the use of stored water to water your garden

The pump chamber is made from high grade stainless steel and is supplied with a cable and fitted plug. There are two filters, one which is a coarse filter on the suction hose, and the other is a fine filter on the pump to stop sand and grit entering the pump. The pump comes with a set of spare seals, and full clear instructions.7819-GardenPump-parts


To use, simply assemble, connect the suction hose and the filter to the inlet and switch on.


This powerful, high quality pump is quiet in use, and has a two year guarantee.

  • Power Consumption


  • Maximum Pressure

    3.5 bar

  • Maximum Flow

    3000 lph

  • Submersible


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