Pulsating Sprinkler 450m²

Product Code: 2550

The Pulsating Sprinkler has been specially designed to water large areas up to 450m².

Key Benefits Include:

  • Fully adjustable rotating sprinkler that can water circles and part circles
  • Metal spike ensures stability when in use
  • Simple to set up
  • Perfect for lawns and established plants
  • Comes with a two year guarantee for peace of mind
  • 2550
  • 2550

The Pulsating Sprinkler is a unique sprinkler that can water lawns between 60° and 360° and reach a maximum coverage* of 450m² making it the ultimate lawn sprinkler.

The sprinkler can water a full circle or a part of a circle – adjustment is easy simply slide the red setting rings. One solid jet stream that can be manipulated into a wide fan spray and gives a max area coverage of approximately 450m².

Perfect for lawns and established plants the sprinkler is mounted on a solid metal spike which gives stability when pushed into a lawn or a border. It features an ultra reliable, water-powered, geardrive motor that operates at all water pressures. This sprinkler comes with a two year guarantee.

*Please note coverage is determined by water pressure and requires a minimum of 1.5 bar. Maximum coverage is based on 4 bar water pressure.



Perfect for watering large lawns and established plants

  • Max Coverage


  • Sprinkler Spray Pattern


  • Sprinkler Base


  • Sprinkler Shape

    Circle, Part Circle, Semi Circle

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