Patio Cleaner

Product Code: 7922

Large 30cm diameter Patio Cleaner perfect for effectively cleaning wide areas such as patio’s, decking and walls.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Large 30cm diameter coverage makes light work of cleaning large areas
  • Push connection makes attachment to the trigger quick and simple
  • Twin handle allows the cleaner to be easily used for vertical surfaces
  • 7922
  • 7922

The Patio Cleaner efficiently cleans larger areas due to its 30cm wide coverage, whilst the height adjustment feature gives you control of the cleaning power.


Perfect for effectively cleaning wide areas such as patio’s, decking and walls

Twin handles allow you to easily clean vertical surfaces such as walls and garage doors. The push fit connection provides a quick and simple attachment to the main trigger.


Adjustable Angle conveniently accommodates different height users, keeping the unit flat to the ground at all times.

Adjustable Height allows the height of the internal spray unit to be adjusted providing the user with greater control of the cleaning power.

30cm Diameter large diameter base helps clean a larger areas more efficiently.

Brush Surround assists the unit travel over the given terrain and prevents the splashing of water to the surrounding area.

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