AC Water Timer Pro

Product Code: 2701

For the ultimate flexibility in automatic watering. Battery powered water timer to automatically water your garden. Combine with a drip watering system to use in a hose pipe ban area.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Sophisticated and versatile
  • Easy to program via it’s digital screen
  • Conserve water by linking a remote rain sensor (not included)
  • Set up to 41 different programs (13 pre set and 28 free slots)
  • Attach direct to outside tap via the built in connector
  • 2701-AC-PRO-BLUE-LOG
  • 2701-AC-PRO-BLUE-LOG

Sophisticated, versatile and easy to program digital water computer with four methods of programming. One touch, 13 pre-set programs, interactive watering wizard, or set up to 28 different programs using the built in Watering manager.



The most sophisticated and versatile in the series with unrivaled performance

  • Timer Tap Connector Size

    1, 1/2, 3/4

  • Timer Battery

    2 x 1.5V C Type

  • Program Input Method


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