AC Water Timer Plus

Product Code: 2700

Flexible, battery powered water timer to automatically water your garden. Combine with an auto watering system to use in a hose pipe ban area

Key Benefits Include:

  • Allows users to select from a range of options including water start times, frequency and duartion
  • Programs from once a day up to four times a day
  • Battery operated without untidy cables
  • Can be attached direct to outside tap via the built in threaded tap connector

Electronic timer with dial and button programing, allowing the user to select the current time, watering start time, watering frequency and watering duration.

Frequency can be set between 6 hours and 7 days whilst duration can last from 1 to 180 minutes to ensure your garden is properly watered.  There is also a manual function by turning the dial to ‘on’ which provides water up to 60 mintues before automatically switching off.

Program acceptance is confirmed by an audible beep. Any element of the program can be re-set without the need to totally re-program the timer. Inlet size 1/2″ and 3/4″.

The Timer can be used to control an automatic watering system or a garden sprinkler to ensure lawns and plants get watered when required for the correct amount of time.



With an extensive range of program options, water your garden exactly when it needs it with no waste

  • Timer Tap Connector Size

    1, 1/2, 3/4

  • Timer Battery

    2 x 1.5V C Type

  • Program Input Method


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