Pressure Reducer

Product Code: 2760

The Pressure Reducer tap connector reduces pressure of tap water to a constant 20 PSI (1.5 bar) for optimum performance within an auto watering system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Attaches to outside tap to reduce water pressure
  • Reduces pressure to ensure an automatic watering system is not over pressurised
  • 3/4″ threaded to fit most water computers and outside taps
  • Includes two outlet adaptors to fit both 4mm and 13mm hoses
  • 2760—Pressure-Reg–cat-600×600
  • 2760—Pressure-Reg–cat-600×600

The pressure regulator attaches to outside tap. It reduces the pressure of the water to 20 PSI (1.5 bar), this ensures that the automatic watering system is not over pressurised, and that performance is optimised.

There is an internal filter to prevent dirty water affecting dripper performance. The inlet size is 3/4” BSP which screws directly onto a water computer, or most outside taps.

Supplied with two outlet adaptors: 4mm and 13mm.

Use 4mm hose for small micro irrigation systems of up to 15 drippers, and 13mm hose for larger systems.


 Reduces the tap pressure to ensure your micro irrigation system does not over pressure


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