Filter Start Treatment

Product Code: 3957

Boost biological activity in pond filtration systems.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Boosts biological activity in your pond with natual strains of waste degrading bacteria
  • Effective use for new ponds, starting filters and when adding new fish
  • Contains 100% natural bacteria
  • Harmless for use with fish, pets and pond life
  • 3957 Pond Filter Start
  • 3957 Pond Filter Start

The Pond Filter Starter treatment contains naturally selected strains of waste degrading bacteria to boost biological activity in your pond.

Use the Starter treatment when activating filters in new ponds, starting filters in spring or adding new fish stock.

Contains 100% natural bacteria so it is safe to use with fish, pets and plant life.



Can be used in new ponds, when starting filters and adding new fish

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