Hose Tap Flow Connectors

Product Code: 3994

Hose Tap Flow Control Connectors can connect two pieces of pond hose together and also control the water flowing through them.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Compatible with pumps and filters with different flow rates
  • Made from the highest quality PVC material
  • Available in three sizes to fit all requirements

Product Attributes

  • 3994 to 3996

Hose tap flow controllers fit between two hoses, controlling the water flow.

This enables two pieces of equipment (e.g. a pump and filter) with different flow rates to be compatible.

They are made from high quality PVC to ensure a long life.

Available in the following sizes:
Hose Tap Flow Control – 12.5mm: 3994
Hose Tap Flow Control – 20mm: 3995
Hose Tap Flow Control – 25mm: 3996

Control the flow of water as and when you need to

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