Bioforce Filter Kits

Product Code: 1400

The complete filtration system for clear and healthy ponds, combining a Bioforce and Aquaforce system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • Can be used on ponds from 6,000 litres up to 28,000 litres in size
  • Comes with a Bioforce and Aquaforce
  • Comes with a Clearwater Guarantee

Product Attributes

  • 1404-BioforceFiltKit
  • 1404-BioforceFiltKit

The Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce Filter Kit is the combination of the Bioforce pressurised filter with a powerful and efficient solids handling Aquaforce pump, designed specifically for filtration, waterfalls or watercourses. Thanks to the UVC capability, in the correct size pond, Hozelock Cyprio guarantee clear water.

The complete filtration system for clear and healthy ponds




The Bioforce unit can be hidden at the side of a pond or buried in the ground up to the level of hose inlets. The Aquaforce filter pump (1) draws in dirty water from the pond and pumps it up to the Bioforce filter (2). In the Bioforce filter, foam removes particles, Kaldnes biological filtration purifies the water and the UVC eliminates green water. The clear and healthy water leaves the pressurised Bioforce filter and can be pumped up to a higher exit point (3) to create relaxing waterfalls.

Available in 5 different sizes:

Bioforce Filter Kit 3000 for ponds up to 6000 litres (without fish), contains Bioforce 3000 and Aquaforce 2500

Bioforce Filter Kit 4500 for ponds up to 9000 litres (without fish), contains Bioforce 4500 and Aquaforce 4000

Bioforce Filter Kit 6000 for ponds up to 12000 litres (without fish), contains Bioforce Revolution 6000 and Aquaforce 4000

Bioforce Filter Kit 9000 for ponds up to 18000 litres (without fish), contains Bioforce Revolution 9000 and Aquaforce 6000

Bioforce Filter Kit 14000 for ponds up to 28000 litres (without fish), contains Bioforce Revolution 1400 and Aquaforce 8000


Bioforce Filter Kit 3000 & 4500:

Bioforce Instruction Leaflet

Aquaforce Instruction Leaflet

Bioforce Revolution Filter Kit 6000, 9000 and 14000:

Bioforce Revolution Instruction Leaflet

Aquaforce Instruction Leaflet

  • Filter Location

    In ground

  • Filter and Pump


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