• Fittings - why choose Hozelock?


Made from the highest quality materials for increased durability, resistance and flexibility.

1. Water Stop Valve

Manufactured from ABS for impact resistance and rigidity. Stops water after removing the watering device.

2. Connection Grip

Manufactured from Dupont Delrin® Acetal with a silicone additive for ease of use.

Triple connect point for the strongest possible connection.

3. Outer Sleeve

Manufactured from ABS for impact resistance and strength with soft touch over-moulding for an enhanced grip.

4. Tough Inner Core

Manufactured from Dupont Delrin® Acetal, one of the most crystalline engineering thermoplastics, to bridge the gap between plastics and metals.

6. Connection Grip

Polypropylene teeth stay resistant to repeated stress and provide a secure hose clamp.

7. Hose Tail

Manufactured from tough, but flexible Polypropylene for a secure hose connection.

Simply Click & Connect!

Attach and secure your fittings to the tap, hose and hose end device in seconds.  Hozelock ensures a leak-free connection, delivering water from the tap to end and nothing in between.

Watering with comfort

Twin Soft Touch pads provide additional comfort and grip for easy use of fittings even when wet.

European Quality

The iconic Hozelock connector is designed and manufactured in Great Britain. There’s no doubt its quality will ensure it continues to be the number one choice for millions of gardeners around the world.

Product Range Features

Tap Connectors

Tap Connectors let you attach your hose to all shapes and sizes of taps.

From the popular Outdoor Threaded Tap Connector to the Indoor Mixer Tap Connector Hozelock will have you connected and watering your garden in no time.

Hose Connectors

Hose Connectors are used to connect a piece of hose to a tap connector, often at the start of a system.

All Hozelock Hose Connectors have been designed with simplicity in mind. Made using ultra tough engineering plastic, providing strength, resistance and flexibility. Ensuring a leak-free connection every time.

AquaStop Connectors

Connect your hose end device to your hose with a simple click! Whether it’s a nozzle, lance, gun or sprinkler use a Hozelock AquaStop to stay dry without turning the water off when swapping between accessories.

Multi-Tap Outlets

Convert your single threaded tap into 2 or more outlets each with its own flow control.

The Multi-Tap Connector allows you to connect two hoses at a time to your garden tap, ideal for ideal for having a permanent connection to a watering system, whilst keeping the second connection free for other watering tasks.

Product Guide

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