March has come and gone, and if you’ve been following our blog, you should have performed some soil cultivation, plant tidying, weed killing and lawn maintenance in anticipation of spring and summer.   If you haven’t then don’t worry – there’s still, time to get things done!   If you did get busy in March and cut the grass and at the very least had a think about what you’ve got planned for the season ahead, then this April issue of our gardening tips may well be of use!

Some good advice here is actually very simple:  Don’t stop mowing that lawn!

Keep the grass fresh by cutting at least once a week. It can be very easy to let the lawn overgrow, so keep an eye on things. Use a spring fertilizer to bring out the green in your grass if needs be.

There is still time to plant trees and shrubs, though by mid-month it will be too late to plant larger trees, so do it as soon as possible. By now you should be seeing your flowers bursting to life, particularly if you have any tulips.

The Tulips burst to life

In fact having looked out the window at my own garden I have noted my Asiatic Lilies are sprouting up nicely and it looks like they’re doing well, so I’m expecting some beautiful flowers this year.

Watch out for the slugs! They are just hankering to undo all your good work for the sake of an easy meal.  Liquid slug killer should be implemented around all your plants that may be vulnerable to the slow-movers otherwise there will be pandemonium on your pansies and hostility towards your hostas.

Hostas in spring time

Keep watering those plants you seeded in March. We recommend Hozelock’s variety of hoses and spray guns to help you keep up appearances in the garden. Consider getting yourself garden sprinklers. There is a huge variety of different types, some that oscillate forwards ad backwards, and others that are designed to water particular shapes from semi-circles to rectangles. These products are designed to make your life easier during these months of maintenance and growth. The least you can do is to help yourself out a bit!

Hozelock's Round Sprinkler Plus

Easter is a good time to plant vegetables such as potatoes, which should provide an ample crop in the mid-summer months.  Use garden compost to enrich the soil, or grab a bag of farmyard manure from your nearest gardening supplier. Rotate your other crops such as any onions and or peas you may be growing so you can maintain good fertility in each plot, especially as the years go on. Grow some herb plants indoors in the kitchen and keep them sheltered until it becomes warm enough for them to prosper outside.

Prune, fleece and feed the necessary fruit trees. Prune the cordons and espalier trees, protect those blossoms of peaches and nectarines from frost with the fleece, and feed any citrus plants you may have.

Perhaps it is time to start adding new things to make your garden look more aesthetically pleasing. Try using an easy to install, attractive water feature kit for the patio and garden.

Hozelock's Pebble Fountain Water Feature

If you added that pond you wanted to your garden, don’t forget to keep that ticking over in April. Install a Hozelock pond light that will give the pond some cost effective dazzle at dusk and into the night. If you’ve got fish save yourself some time each day by getting the Automatic Fish Feeder, which keeps your fish well-fed in your absence.

Even though we are in the full swing of spring, the weather can still be very much unpredictable, so keep abreast of the coming weather conditions. Sometimes it can be a good idea to create a schedule for the garden, what to do and when to do it each week. Try planning out what you’re going to do ahead of time. April is a time of transition, and if you do enough of the hard work now, you’ll have a prize garden come the start of summer.

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  1. i like that automatic fish feeder for ponds,but the info is vague,so,1)what food,pellets ect,2)what amount does it dispense,eg for how many fish? thanks

    • Hi Susan
      Thanks for your comment.
      Will come up with some information for you and see if we can provide you with some specific details. Thank you.