Maintaining a Garden Pond

Maintaining a Garden Pond

Caring for you pond is key to ensuring that water remains clear, fish are healthy and plants thrive.  Hozelock products are designed to make this task easy.

Pond treatments and test kits

Despite all your care and attention, there will be times when you need to adjust the water quality for the benefit of fish and plants.

All Hozelock Cyprio Pond Treatments are formulated to complement the range of pumps and Clearwater systems to ensure your pond stays clear and healthy.


Tidy-up Accessories

Caring for your pond is very important to ensure that water is kept clean and fish remain healthy.

Hozelock Cyprio provide a range of products to help you do this from accessories that help you clear up debris to treatments that can prevent things like green water or blanket weed.

Winter Care

Ensuring ponds stay healthy in the winter can be done easily by using one of our Winter Care accessories that help to stop ponds freezing during the coldest months.


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