Hozelockā€™s range of Automatic Watering hoses provides an effective way of distributing water around your garden. Whether watering containers or beds each Hozelock hose offers a discreet, durable and easy to install solution.

Our Hose is UV stable to protect them from the elements and are highly flexible to enable them to be adapted to any garden shape. Partner them with our Easy Drip Component and Intelligent Controller range to create your bespoke Automatic Watering system.

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  • Flexi Hose

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    A highly flexible hose that carries water from your tap to individualĀ drippers positioned around your garden.

    Key Benefits include:

    • Highly flexible for easy installation
    • Easy to cut to create your own set-up
    • Can be buried underground for discreet installation
    • 13mm UV stable construction provides excellent durability
  • 4mm Hose

    Discreetly carries water from your tap to your plants.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Highly flexible for easy installation
    • Allows for discreet installation to pots, containers and hanging baskets
    • Layouts can be created for any garden design
    • Can be used with our Easy Drip or Class Micro Irrigation systems