Water Delivery




Plants often require different ways of being watered depending on their size and type.

Hozelock have specially designed a range of Drippers, Mini Sprinklers, Micro Jets and Misters for all your watering needs.

You can fit any combination of these water delivery options depending on the plants you have and where you want to water.

  • Drippers provide targeted watering of 4 litres per hour at the base of a small plants and can be secured with a stake.

    They are ideal for container plants and hanging baskets.

    Hozelock Drippers are made from high quality plastics to ensure a long life.

  • Micro Jets are used to produce a fine spray of water over a small area and can be used in flowerbeds and borders.

    It is best to ensure they overlap each other to avoid dry patches.

  • Misters are used to water delicate plants and seedlings to ensure they are not damaged.

    They must be used under glass only e.g. in a greenhouse.

  • Mini Sprinklers are fully adjustable and can provide up to 40 litres of water per hour.

    They are ideal for a group of small plants or at the roots of larger plants. When using Mini Sprinklers it is best to overlap them to avoid any dry patches.