Classic Micro Irrigation




Our Classic Micro Irrigation system is the most efficient way to water your garden. It can save you water, time and money.

Programmable timers are the start of the system and let you choose exactly when and how much water your plants will receive. This ensures they are watered at the correct time of the day with less water evaporating and for the correct period of time to give the plant the water they require.

Drippers, Sprinklers and Misters can be fitted at the end of the system to deliver water to plants depending on their requirements.


  • Automatic Watering Tap Connections are designed specifically to connect the system to a tap.

    This can be done singly through a Pressure Reducer (combining with a timer) or using a Four Way Tap Connector when multiple outlets are required.

    All Automatic Watering systems require a Press Reducer to ensure that pressure in the system is kept at the correct level.

  • These Connection Components enable you to set up your Hozelock Watering System in anyway you wish around your garden. They let you chose in which direction you want your system to go including around corners using a 90° Elbow Connector or breaking off into two directions using a T Piece Connector.

    The Components are available in both 13mm and 4mm depending on which diameter hose you are using.

  • Hose is a very important part of your Automatic Watering system as it transports the precious water around your garden from the tap and delivers it to your plants.

    There are two types of hose available to build an Automatic Watering system. The first is 13mm in diameter and is the main supply hose to transport water closer to your plants. There is then a 4mm diameter hose which runs off the larger hose and gets water right to your plants.

  • Plants often require different ways of being watered depending on their size and type.

    Hozelock have specially designed a range of Drippers, Mini Sprinklers, Micro Jets and Misters for all your watering needs.

    You can fit any combination of these water delivery options depending on the plants you have and where you want to water.

  • Watering kits take the fuss out of watering enabling you to water your plants in pots and containers or flower borders and vegetable patches.

    The easiest way to start an Automatic Watering system is to buy a kit, as all the components you need come in the box.

    Kits are available in a number of varieties including Automatic Kits that come with a timer and also Manual Kits that can connect to a water butt to use stored water.

  • Hozelock Timers let you automatically set your system to water your plants when you want and for the duration you want.

    They can be set using the simple pre-loaded programs or you can create your own program to best suit your garden’s needs.

    Using a Timer as part of a bespoke Automatic Watering system will let you water your garden hassle free for optimum results.